Crazy about cows ...


Dorset Cow by Jacob CoxIf you are drawn towards ancient landscapes comprising Iron Age hill forts and hints of mysterious Arthurian legends focusing on the Badbury Rings, then Route 1 through the beautiful Stour Valley is perfect for you.

There are also a lot of cows! The sturdy Red Devon cows (known affectionately as Ruby Reds) on the Kingston Lacy estate are treasured for their docile demeanour and ability to thrive on marginal grassland, marking them perfect for conservation grazing.

... and delicious Dorset ice-cream

There are also lots of dairy herds to be seen as you traverse this route, taking either the longer 19 mile way or a shorter 12 mile route. Either way you’ll be happy to find and try delicious Barford ice cream which is made on their site using only the finest ingredients, or drop in to Pamphill Dairy Farm Shop for more dairy delights.


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Photo credit: Jacob Cox

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