The Dorset AONB Partnership are cheered by a new report, confirming that Dorset's outstanding landscape offers so much more than just great views!

The results from a ground-breaking study looking into the value to the economy of Dorset's outstanding environment has just been released. It takes a closer look at the Dorset AONB and the Jurassic Coast as two key environmental assets for Dorset.

Key findings include:

  • While there are many ways to measure the "environmental economy", a sound central estimate for Dorset shows the it contributes about £1.5 Billion per year and supports around 30,000 jobs.  This is the same size as the county's manufacturing sector - but there is some overlap in the definitions.
  • The Dorset AONB influences around £65 million per year within the area - that's around 1,200 jobs.

Jim White, Chairman of the Dorset AONB said, "This study wasn't about putting a price on natural beauty, but rather look at how the AONB designation contributes to the local economy.  I'm thrilled to learn how substantial that contribution is.

"We're keen to ensure that the AONB Partnership maintains this positive economic effect.  That's why - as well as working to protect the goose that lays this golden egg - we have projects helping businesses directly such as Dorset Food and Drink and Dorset Woodlink."

The study was commissioned by Dorset County Council, the Dorset AONB Partnership and the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Partnership, and was carried out by economic consultants Ash Futures

Tom Munro, Dorset AONB Manager said, "this is such a useful piece of work for us.  I'd like to thank the hundreds of people who contributed by answering questionnaires and being interviewed.  We're inspired by how much you value this wonderful place."



To coincide with Valentine’s Day and the Spring half-term holidays, Dorset Food & Drink (DF&D) is organising a 15 day long celebration of all the great food and drink made right here in the county.

Running over three weekends and two full weeks, from 9th to 23rd February, activities during Love Dorset Food & Drink Weeks include shops highlighting the very best in local produce (tastings, too), producers running special competitions and chefs cooking up special menus featuring favourite items from their Dorset larders.


The Dorset AONB Sustainable Development Fund has £20,000 to allocate to projects and the closing date is Friday 26th April 2019.



Sustainable Development Fund - Applications now open for 2019-20

This Christmas you can really feast on the great delicacies that Dorset Food & Drink members have on offer. But once you've had your fill, you might want to get out and about in the Dorset countryside to blow the cobwebs away!

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