Coastal Corridor

The coastal area is one of the most attractive and important areas for both Dorset and East Devon but also one of the most pressured.  The dynamic nature of the coast, coupled with the increasing impacts of climate change and visitor pressure, present major challenges for the management of the coastal strip.

In recognition of this, a number of organisations like Dorset AONB, East Devon AONB, the National Trust and private landowners, have come together to develop a new and more integrated approach to managing the coastal corridor.  Together, we have developed a new Coastal Corridor Action Plan for the Dorset and East Devon Coast. It will provide a useful framework for working in a more focussed way, making better use of funding and maximising opportunities for communities and businesses.Follow the links below to view the draft Action Plan.

To look at sustainable access along the coast in the long term, In 2009 we commissioned a Waterborne Passenger Transport Scoping Study and now  the stage 2 final report is now available, both which has helped us understand both the constraints and opportunities of transport along the coast and focus action.

We are also working together to produce good design guidelines for coastal car parks, which can be very visually dominant in coastal areas.

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