Photo by Clare Buckerfield

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is high on the agenda as we become more concerned about climate change and energy security.Energy efficiency is a priority to minimise energy consumption, reduce heat loss and make best use of available resources.

Renewable energy provision in Dorset is currently poor, however there is great potential within the AONB to promote small scale and sensitive forms of renewable energy that can benefit the designation, for example the production of woodfuel from the sustainable management of existing woodlands. There is also potential for small scale community, and farm scale projects, such as hydro power, anaerobic digestion, and the installation of solar panels upon community buildings and large agricultural buildings.

Some types of renewable energy development, such as field scale solar arrays and wind turbines, can have a negative impact upon the natural beauty of the landscape and the quality of panoramic views. The guidance listed below has been produced to highlight the specific issues that should be taken into account when considering such developments within the AONB:



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