Photo by Clare Buckerfield

The landscape is changing under a host of social, economic and environmental pressures. Activities such as Landscape Management and Planning, and the changing climate, all have an influence on the character and condition of the landscape.

Fixed Point Photography is a tool that enables us to record and monitor visual changes within the landscape. It involves taking a photograph, from the same point, at intervals over a period of time. The photographs are then compared to identify where forces for change are occurring and having a positive or negative impact upon the character and condition of the landscape. For the AONB, it enables us to ensure that new opportunities or challenges can be addressed appropriately within the Management Plan.

The sequence of photos below illustrate landscape change throughout the seasons.

Photos by Stephen Hardy

The AONB team is undertaking fixed point photography at key sites around the AONB. There are currently 3 installed points at the following locations:

  • Abbotsbury looking towards St Catherine’s Chapel and the Fleet location map
  • Purbeck overlooking Godlingston Heath location map
  • Maiden Castle looking towards Poundbury location map

The photos below are taken from the fixed photo point in Purbeck and capture a variety of land management activities such as heathland management and forestry.

Godlingston Heath, Purbeck

To learn more about monitoring landscape change within the AONB, refer to the Management Plan.

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