Winterbournes & Wetlands

Winterbourne streams are a very rare habitat and Dorset is home to a significant number of them. The Dorset Winterbournes Project was set up to research, conserve and promote these poorly understood streams.

Early successes of the project on the River Winterborne (which rises in Winterborne Houghton and flows into the River Stour at Sturminster Marshall) meant that it set it sights on other winterbournes in the AONB such as the South Winterborne River which rises in Winterbourne Abbas and flows into the River Frome at West Stafford.

The future of the project very much depends on local people - there is huge scope for unearthing more of the history of the winterbournes and safeguarding it's rare wildlife.

For more information click on the links below or read our latest project newsletter 843.69 Kb .

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