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Volunteering at a Community Woodland is wonderful! If you head to the woods today, you are sure to find a thriving social scene, with like minded people giving their time freely but receiving back so much more...

This doesn’t mean that it is all a walk in the park (or should that be a walk in the woods?!), it can be hard work if you want it to be, so you can save some money on gym membership and improve your health at the same time! But it doesn’t have to be physically demanding work either; there are tasks for all people regardless of age or ability, so it is also welcoming and inclusive too. And time spent with others, working towards a common aim brings a huge sense of satisfaction.

This all adds up to friendship, health and happiness!

Case studies

A video showcasing the beginning of the Young Wood Project in the Blackdown Hills. The quarterly newspaper produced by Common Ground dedicated to trees, woods and people...

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Prime Coppice case study (c) Tony Gill

A case study of Prime Coppice, West Dorset, where the Working Woodlanders are making great progess.

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