What histories, what stories would these stones, and ancient barrows tell us if they could talk?

What legends, fairy tales, local myths and oral histories have been woven into and around the landscape? What natural and created sounds can be heard high on the skyline underground, along footpaths, ancient tracks, and whispering woodlands?

In a ground-breaking new project as part of the South Dorset Landscape Partnership (The Land of Bone and Stone), a series of smartphone Apps have been developed which allows you to experience this universe for yourself!

walkiing south dorset ridgewayPartners SATSYMPH have laid out a series of sound-pools in 7 evocative locations along the South Dorset Ridgeway. Access the sound-pools by downloading an app onto your smartphone, plus background maps, and head out to any of the 7 locations. Once there, open the app, plug your headphones in and wander. Your smartphone automatically senses the sound-hotspots through GPS and opens out the sound experience. 

Land Bone Stone Apps 1-3 were made by the 3-man artistic collective SATSYMPH working with DIVAcontemporary, Sir John Colfox School (Bridport), Beaminster School, Weymouth College and Dorset Studio School, InsideOut Dorset, Artmusic, Frances Aitken and members of the public.

Guides to accompany the Apps:

lbs-app1.pdf1.87 MB

lbs-app2.pdf2.32 MB

 lbs-app3.pdf2.5 MB

Links to download the Apps, from:

Google Play

and itunes:

Then let us know what you think of them...



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