We have hidden a selection of poems around Maiden Castle and Eggardon Hill, written by local people of all ages, about those very places.  Even better, they will be read to you by the people who wrote them!  

Although they won't be there in person to read you their poems, you need to search out the locations they wrote about and there you can listen to them reading by way of our innovative new Apps.

Simply download the relevant App to your phone, there is one for Eggardon Hill and one for Maiden Castle, take along some headphones and head out for your walk.  When you walk into an area where one of the readings is 'located' the App will recognise that location and play the relevant reading, allowing you to hear poetry written by local people about a special place in that very place.

We hope this will provide a little something to enrich your walk, maybe spark your own creative thinking about two of our best places in West Dorset, or provide something fun to do and talk about with friends & family.

iTunes (for Apple devices) - Download the Maiden Castle App

iTunes - Download the Eggardon App

Google Play (for Android devices) - Download the Maiden Castle App

Google Play - Download the Eggardon App

Download guide to using the Apps for both Maiden Castle and Eggardon Hill