What do we offer for secondary schools?

An exciting schools development programme has been created to unlock the rich tapestry of heritage and culture offered by the landscape of the South Dorset Ridgeway.

This pioneering learning project will:

  • support outdoor learning
  • inspire a love of nature in school children 
  • inspire a fascination with geology, history and landscape
  • increase respect and appreciation of our outstanding landscape

All primary schools within a 5km of the ridgeway are eligible to take part.

Our team of experts can help teachers create new exciting learning kits anchored in the land, bones and stones of the South Dorset Ridgeway.

  • All schools in the Bridport, Chesil and Dorchester pyramids are eligible to apply.

Want to take your class on a discovery trip to the South Dorset Ridgeway?

We can help you get there! You will experience and learn about the rich tapestry of heritage and culture in this outstanding landscape.

  • All secondary schools in the Bridport, Chesil and Dorchester pyramids are eligible to take part. 

South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership 

Live Briefs Schools Learning Projects Initiative 2013-2018

As part of the Pick it Up & Pass it on Learning Project the SDR LP has developed an ambitious 5 year programme inspiring outdoor learning. Aimed at secondary schools and colleges within and adjacent to the Ridgeway Landscape it is a limited offer to students in the Bridport, Dorchester and Chesil Pyramids and schools.  Live Briefs offer an opportunity to develop expertise in using media and arts activities to discover and learn about the rich tapestry and heritage of the south dorset ridgeway landscape.