Sing & Stroll, Rock & Ramble is designed to combine the health and well-being benefits of walking, singing in a group, and being out in nature. These benefits are increasingly well documented for a range of issues, including general health and fitness, depression and anxiety, social isolation, and dementia.

Each walk is designed to avoid stiles, difficult terrain, steep slopes and roads (as far as possible) and is split into segments to enable people to take a short, medium or longer walk, as suits their needs and abilities.

There is a strong emphasis on the fact that no singing talent is required, indeed there is no attempt to teach or improve. The message is simply that singing is a natural and healthy human activity that we can all take part in and enjoy. 

The walks are led by a trained walk leader and an experienced song-group leader. Songs are familiar and age-appropriate, relying on the powerful recall of harmonies that persist even in people with advanced dementia.

Recall is supported with lyrics sheets; and warm-up exercises, vocal games and stretching and rhythmic movement help the group to relax, bond and laugh. 

The events are currently free of charge, including refreshments.

The walks are open to all, with a focus on people aged 65 and over, and those with dementia. At the same time diversity is encouraged, and the youngest participant is a 28-year-old mother with her new baby.

When and Where?

Every Tuesday starting at 1.30pm at Buckydoo Square in Bridport.

We aim to restart in 2019 on the 5th of February (weather permitting).

Sounds great! Next Step...

If you would like more information or wish to reserve a space (limited availability) email timeandscale@gmail.com or call Peter on 07817 397331.

Our feedback...

‘Thoroughly Enjoyable’

‘Have a go – it may sound strange, but it’s great fun!’

‘You have to do it to find out how happy it makes you feel’


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